What Makes Somersaults Great?


High in protein and fiber, but low in sugar, Somersaults are a nutritional superhero.

Plant-based Love

A healthy dose of plant-based protein to power you through meetings, hikes,

No Nuts Here

Like nuts, only better. You can enjoy these nut-free goodies wherever and worry-free.

100% Tasty

A good-for-you treat that sure as heckfire doesn’t taste like traditional health food. No way. No how.

Quick & Easy

Inconvenience is the #1 barrier to healthy eating. So, we did everything but open the bag for you. No excuses.

Welcome To The World Of Somersaults

They Said It Best

"They replaced almonds as my go-to snack and are a staple on my charcuterie board."

Amy V.

"It's just wrong for the salted caramel to taste that good AND be that healthy. So good."

Eric N.

"Salt & pepper are my jam. I have a bag or two with me at all times...just in case."

Stephanie E.

"We ran out of these for a week and my family almost revolted. Air, water, Somersaults!"

Jake S.